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Tools Of The Trade

In my experience there are two distinct types of wedding photographer; there are those who love weddings and those who love photography.

I am a wedding photographer who loves weddings! I get inspired by the Bride & Groom, I love hearing their story, asking how he proposed, seeing the tenderness in their eyes, their enthusiasm and excitement.

I love hearing about the wedding plans and thinking about how I can capture the essence of the day and do justice to all the hard work and planning couples put into their wedding.

On the day, I’m buzzing…there’s so much energy, anticipation and excitement! The bridal preparations are always a hoot and once the guests start to arrive I’m busy capturing all those loving embraces and warm greetings. The whole day is a visual feast.

When it comes to getting great group photographs I learned early on that people respond best when I’m just being myself. I enjoy making people smile and I want them to enjoy themselves, a natural smile is much more engaging than a forced one through gritted teeth!

I love capturing the raw honest emotion of a wedding day, people in love, happy and excited (occasionally tipsy!) That’s why I don’t go in for gimmicks or staged shots. I’m convinced that the wedding photographer should not alter the wedding. The real skill for the photographer is to feed off the couple’s energy and capture it on camera.

So that’s me… a wedding photographer who loves weddings; my camera and equipment are merely tools of the trade; don’t get me wrong I regularly invest to ensure that I have up to date equipment that will deliver the goods but I’d like to think I stop well short of being a photography geek!
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